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All right, so in the interest of forcing myself to draw more, I've taken up a bit of a 30-day drawing challenge. The challenge is as follows:

1) Draw a new picture every day
2) Use a different original character or fanart for each one
3) Experiment with something! A different technique, perspective, composition, etc.
4) Try to make each picture look completely distinct from all the others

Here's my effort for day 1:

This (spider)man of honor is named General Miguel Tarantulas. It's a riff on nineteenth century military portraiture and engravings; I'd thought of those gruff old men with ~luxuriously~ bushy beards and muttonchops, and the idea just kind of sprang from there.

I wanted to stretch my hatching and crosshatching muscles in this one...which means it took longer than I expected; serves me right for doing something so detailed right off the bat! I'm already working on Day 2's picture and will post that as soon as it's done!

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