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So yeah it's been forever since I've posted anything over here. Quick summary of recent events:

- To celebrate our wedding anniversary, I went to Italy with my husband at the beginning of April for a week, and it was amazing and lovely! I walked my feet off but I had an incredible time. Pics and a proper writeup about the trip will be forthcoming when I finish going through the pictures I took (and i took a lot!)

- My fic writing efforts aren't dead! I'm still working on Shogi, slowly...and when I have things a little more in hand I'll see about getting out a couple other almost-done oneshots I've had sitting around on my HD forever.

- In RP land I was enabled heavily by my RP partner-in-crime, the lovely [ profile] oceanica , (among others,) and picked up Sasori over at [ profile] a_facility . I'm obviously completely nuts to take on three games at once.

- Semi-related to the above, I really, really need to draw some Sasori/Kankuro fanart because damn it there's like...none. This is vexing.

Date: 2010-05-02 09:49 pm (UTC)
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I still insist on seeing Italy pictures, woman. :P

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