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I've realized lately that I've spent years confining myself too closely to SF/Fantasy when it comes to reading material, and I want to do some branching out, especially now that I've started writing myself. So, flist, I ask you to recommend some books outside of the SF/Fantasy genre that you love. Old or new, fiction or nonfiction, highbrow or low, as long as it's a good read. :)

My current reading list:

- French Provincial Cooking (I love reading cookbooks!)
- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
- Lolita
- On the Road (reread since it's been years)
- The Secret Life of Salvador Dali
- P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster stories
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I stopped by the bookstore today and picked up a couple of things. First, an artist's hand model to help me out with drawing one of the banes of my existence, decent looking hands. I've also been looking for good books on writing, and I ended up buying Self-Editing for Fiction Writers after seeing favorable reviews and recommendations for it on the web.

Speaking of writing, I have lots of projects that I switch between, but I do have a couple that should be out soon. First up is a PWP oneshot featuring Jiraiya/Sakura and Sai/Sasuke engaging in porny activities. I'm also working on chapter 2 of Attitude Problem, my Sasori/Sakura school AU fic; I'll definitely be bumping this one up to an M-rating for future smuttiness. I have one other darker fic that I'm working on (Attitude Problem was actually written as a bit of an antidote to working on this one) but the going has been slower on that than I would like.

[ profile] redbrunja  alerted me to the existance of [ profile] 30_lemons the other day, and the prompts are so tasty that I'm considering jumping in on it and writing Sasori/Sakura for it.

I'm also getting the urge to write some Sai/Sakura, because it's awesome.

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I've been looking to brush up on my anatomy knowledge since it's seriously lacking (if only I had taken those figure drawing classes in college *sigh*) so I bought a few new books this evening.

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