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Okay, so I kind of disappeared down the black hole that is RP for a while there (which I'll probably elaborate on further in another post,) but I'm still drawing and stuff. I recently picked up Illustrator CS5 for my birthday, and I've been puttering around with that a bit. It's quite a step up from the old version of Illustrator I had (8, which wouldn't install under Vista,) and a lot of the interface has changed so it's going to take me some time to learn all the features. I'm going to be picking up a book for this purpose shortly, but here's the initial fruits of my labor thus far:

Full-size version at DeviantArt.

Obviously, small Sasoris and giant donuts go well together. It's a strange idea that popped out of nowhere so don't ask me to explain it...
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Because I haven't posted much lately, here's a quick sketch I made for [ profile] gigicerisier. :)

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Even if it was kinda lame, I ended up finishing the Neuro pic I started this morning cause I needed a break from that Sasori pic. :)

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I'm really getting into drawing again recently. I've thrown a couple of roughs into my scrapbook on DeviantArt.
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So, not much activity in the past couple of days on the writing front, but I've been drawing recently.

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Once again I couldn't sleep, so I ended up screwing around with MS Paint for the first time in ages, and made a doodle of one of my favorite shounen heroines, Maka Albarn from Soul Eater.

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