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My intial response to this was "Hentai ship. *pause* tentacles? 83c"

Which eventually resulted in the following after some percolation through plurk:

Cthulhu/Sasuke OTP. They're rosy-cheeked and enjoying some delicious hot cocoa after ice skating.

Edit: ffff now with the actual freakin Roleplay secret link.

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First off, even though I have been sucked into RPing, I am still fitting in writing fic. The first chapter for the next Sasori/Sakura story I'll be putting out for [ profile] 30_lemons  will be ready very soon; it was originally going to be a oneshot, but it's expanded quite a bit and will be multichapter. This one is in a different universe from Regression, and will feature depravity and delicious mindfuckery; I'm quite excited about it!

Now, onto the manga.'s kind of obvious that I need to say something about this chapter, isn't it?

Spoilers behind the cut... )
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This Evangelion-related interview excerpt is funny and yet so very wrong at the same time:

Excerpt from Interview between Ogata Megumi (Shinji in Eva) and Nakata Atsuhiko (Oriental Radio) from Continue Vol. 46.
Nakata: That reminds me, in the old movie version there was a scene where Shinji was masturbating. How was that recorded?
Ogata: Hahaha. It’s obvious but that was my first time doing something like that (laughs). I thought to myself that I can’t get this wrong just because I’m female! So I talked to Tachiki Fumihiko who voices Gendou and said “Dad, this is my first time, I’m not sure if I will be able to do this right. So if I got it wrong, please tell me” (in Shinji voice)
Nakata: Hahaha!
Ogata: After recording ended, we went “How did I do, dad?” “You did well, Shinji” “Yes! I got praised by my dad!”

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