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So I've been finding my time spent lately RPing over at [ profile] kannagara_rpg . Naturally, this means my fic and art efforts have been a bit neglected lately (although I've been working on that stuff slowly, I swear.)

I have come up with the ideal solution to this problem: reserving Sasori over at [ profile] xi_rpg , so I'll have two games taking up all my time instead of just one. Excellent work, self.

Of course, it isn't my fault, I swear. [ profile] maiiau made me do it, with her diabolical ways of showing me lulzy XI threads and brainstorming with me and stirring up my long-dormant X-Men fangirl tendencies.

Have I mentioned she is also primarily responsible for my now shipping SasoDei like it's my job? She will pay for all of this...somehow. >:|

...And I'm considering a few other games, too: [ profile] scorched , [ profile] thewake_rp , [ profile] thedollsyhouse , [ profile] betenoire_rp . I wouldn't necessarily play Sasori at all of these, I have a few other muses I'm working on developing. If any of you fine flisters are in these games or have heard about them, give me your opinions/experiences. ♥

I'm working on three fic projects right now that are coming along despite my failure at planning:

- A quickie [ profile] 30_lemons Regression-verse fic for the Hypothermia prompt (2/3 done, I need to buckle down and finish this.)
- Chapter two of Shogi
- A little DeiSaku+Sasori smut prompt that mutated into a weird SasoSakuDei/SasoDeiSaku/SomethingSomethingSomething, for [ profile] flibbergibbet

Also, a random music note: I am crazily in love with this album and can't stop listening to it. It has just the right classic rock flavor to be terribly addictive.

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