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Since there's a group of people going around getting fanfic removed from (warning: there's some pretty nasty screencaps of reviews left by these individuals on that page,) I've decided to mirror all of my fanfic over at Archive of Our Own (AO3.) My AO3 account is [ profile] goldengrimoire.

I've been thinking about easing back into writing fanfic for a while, so I may just do that as part of this process. I'm going to be revising at least some of the things I posted before and possibly continuing some of the unfinished ones. I do have a few ideas floating around in my head lately as well.

Funnily enough this impulse is coming even when I've been getting gradually more and more disenchanted with the Naruto manga over the years; I still enjoy most of my favorite characters and pairings, but I'm getting really tired of the retcons and the general plot and thematic direction. Maybe it's that dissatisfaction that's making me want to write fic again, since my fic is pretty much all AU after a certain point, or AU from the outset, and that lets me sort of 'rescue' the characters from the direction canon has taken.

I don't know, I haven't felt much of an impulse to write fic for another fandom. There are a lot of fandoms I like, but not many have engaged me on that particular level. Naruto had a great setting and great open-ended characters that both really grabbed me but had room to explore. Maybe I just need to shop around for some new fandoms and I might find The One again.
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Wow that was fast, I cranked out another picture as a Halloween holiday commemorative type thing. It has Sasori and L, for no real reason other than that I love the both of them (or maybe the RP is giving me weird ideas!)

Clearly Sasori is not a happy kitty; L totally stole his lollipop.

Fullsize at DeviantArt

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Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted anything! I've kind of gotten seriously sucked into [ profile] kannagara_rpg; I've been having loads of fun playing Sasori over there. A bunch of you are already playing, but if you're not, we're always on the lookout for new players! We'd especially love to see some more non-Naruto characters.

My fic has been languishing a little, but I'm still determined to get out another [ profile] 30_lemons oneshot and chapter 2 of Shogi in the near future. I've also gotten a few fic ideas percolating away that I'll probably start on once I finish Shogi.

I've been thinking about 30_lemons recently, and while I really want to complete stories for a lot of these prompts, I'm not sure how realistically I can stick to one oneshot a month between the other things I want to devote my time to because I'm still a pretty slow writer; the RP takes up a large amount of time, and I want to work on Shogi, and I also want to really put some serious time into my art. This is the second time that I'm nearing the two month mark without releasing something; although, even if I decide to drop the challenge, I'll still be completing the story ideas I had for the various prompts. I would just be free to release things at my own pace instead of worrying about deadlines; at the same time, having a deadline keeps me motivated to work on things. It's something I'll be thinking about over the next few days.

I've been drawing a bit recently and posted on DA, but I've neglected to post about it here, so I've put together a minor art dump. Of course, since I'm a Sasoritard, two out of three are Sasori-related.

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First off, even though I have been sucked into RPing, I am still fitting in writing fic. The first chapter for the next Sasori/Sakura story I'll be putting out for [ profile] 30_lemons  will be ready very soon; it was originally going to be a oneshot, but it's expanded quite a bit and will be multichapter. This one is in a different universe from Regression, and will feature depravity and delicious mindfuckery; I'm quite excited about it!

Now, onto the manga.'s kind of obvious that I need to say something about this chapter, isn't it?

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In response to the words meme I recieved from [ profile] hieronymousb . My dear, you've hit some TL,DR buttons with these topics! XD

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