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All right, so in the interest of forcing myself to draw more, I've taken up a bit of a 30-day drawing challenge. The challenge is as follows:

1) Draw a new picture every day
2) Use a different original character or fanart for each one
3) Experiment with something! A different technique, perspective, composition, etc.
4) Try to make each picture look completely distinct from all the others

Here's my effort for day 1:

WARNING: Spider drawing behind the cut )
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So I've spent a ton of time lately looking at pictures of traditional Japanese wedding garb for my KakaSaku contest entry pic, and I've been itching to draw something inspired by the traditional bridal headpiece.

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Well, I've finished up on my KakaSaku contest pic and submitted it (I'll have a separate post for it later) so now I have time to work on a few pic ideas that I've had on the back burner for the past few weeks; I've also started planning a new multi-pic series.

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