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Title: Attitude Problem
Pairing: Sasori/Sakura
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 3917
Rating: M (adult content)
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.
Summary: Haruno Sakura: 21-year-old genius, Master's degree-holder in mathematics, youngest teacher in Monzaemon Academy's 100-year history...and first year Akasuna Sasori's newest project. AU

Chapter 2

Chapter 1 (Slightly revised.)

Woohoo, finally got it up! Enjoy! XD

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[ profile] zelha  asked me about the Sasori meta that I've done when trying to figure out how to write the character, and since I'm a huge meta geek, I was happy to oblige with some. There's also a couple of Sasori x Sakura thoughts that ocurred to me from rereading the manga yesterday. :)

Most of these are thoughts that I haven't really articulated much outside of discussion with my hubby, [ profile] gigicerisier  and a couple other folks, so bear with me. My view of Sasori is also continually evolving as I reread the manga, rewatch the show, read others' take on him and write, and I do tend to emphasize different traits from story to story.

Geeky fangirl babbling behind the cut... )

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It's time for a fic meme! Stolen from [ profile] redbrunja : Write 10 different categories of fic, in as few words as possible.

I fail at the 'few words' thing; also, obscure crossovers ftw. Some of these were pretty tough, particularly for SasoSaku. This is my first time really writing SaiSaku; it was fun, I want to write more for this adorable pairing. :)

Sasori x Sakura )

Sai x Sakura )
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Finally! The SasoSaku oneshot that I've been waiting forever to post is finally ready to go. This was my first full oneshot, and it's quite kinky. Enjoy! :)

Title: Tactile Feedback
Pairing: Sasori/Sakura
Genre: Romance/Suspense
Word Count: 4131
Rating: M (explicit sexual content)
Warnings: kinkiness! dom/sub, semi-con, masturbation
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.
Summary: “What sort of performance should we create together, little girl?” Oneshot, Lemon.

FF Link.

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A new SasoSaku ficlet that I banged out this morning. Pretty much an ode to my beloved shoujo guilty pleasure, teacher/student manga. This was so much fun to write that I might actually continue it someday if inspiration strikes. :)

Title: Attitude Problem
Word count: 1401
Pairings: Sasori x Sakura
Rating: T
Summary: “I'm afraid not, Akasuna-kun,” Sakura said. “Your grades may be excellent, but you have an attitude problem.” School AU.

FF Link.

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