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So yeah it's been forever since I've posted anything over here. Quick summary of recent events:

- To celebrate our wedding anniversary, I went to Italy with my husband at the beginning of April for a week, and it was amazing and lovely! I walked my feet off but I had an incredible time. Pics and a proper writeup about the trip will be forthcoming when I finish going through the pictures I took (and i took a lot!)

- My fic writing efforts aren't dead! I'm still working on Shogi, slowly...and when I have things a little more in hand I'll see about getting out a couple other almost-done oneshots I've had sitting around on my HD forever.

- In RP land I was enabled heavily by my RP partner-in-crime, the lovely [ profile] oceanica , (among others,) and picked up Sasori over at [ profile] a_facility . I'm obviously completely nuts to take on three games at once.

- Semi-related to the above, I really, really need to draw some Sasori/Kankuro fanart because damn it there's like...none. This is vexing.
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So I've been finding my time spent lately RPing over at [ profile] kannagara_rpg . Naturally, this means my fic and art efforts have been a bit neglected lately (although I've been working on that stuff slowly, I swear.)

I have come up with the ideal solution to this problem: reserving Sasori over at [ profile] xi_rpg , so I'll have two games taking up all my time instead of just one. Excellent work, self.

Of course, it isn't my fault, I swear. [ profile] maiiau made me do it, with her diabolical ways of showing me lulzy XI threads and brainstorming with me and stirring up my long-dormant X-Men fangirl tendencies.

Have I mentioned she is also primarily responsible for my now shipping SasoDei like it's my job? She will pay for all of this...somehow. >:|

...And I'm considering a few other games, too: [ profile] scorched , [ profile] thewake_rp , [ profile] thedollsyhouse , [ profile] betenoire_rp . I wouldn't necessarily play Sasori at all of these, I have a few other muses I'm working on developing. If any of you fine flisters are in these games or have heard about them, give me your opinions/experiences. ♥

I'm working on three fic projects right now that are coming along despite my failure at planning:

- A quickie [ profile] 30_lemons Regression-verse fic for the Hypothermia prompt (2/3 done, I need to buckle down and finish this.)
- Chapter two of Shogi
- A little DeiSaku+Sasori smut prompt that mutated into a weird SasoSakuDei/SasoDeiSaku/SomethingSomethingSomething, for [ profile] flibbergibbet

Also, a random music note: I am crazily in love with this album and can't stop listening to it. It has just the right classic rock flavor to be terribly addictive.
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Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted anything! I've kind of gotten seriously sucked into [ profile] kannagara_rpg; I've been having loads of fun playing Sasori over there. A bunch of you are already playing, but if you're not, we're always on the lookout for new players! We'd especially love to see some more non-Naruto characters.

My fic has been languishing a little, but I'm still determined to get out another [ profile] 30_lemons oneshot and chapter 2 of Shogi in the near future. I've also gotten a few fic ideas percolating away that I'll probably start on once I finish Shogi.

I've been thinking about 30_lemons recently, and while I really want to complete stories for a lot of these prompts, I'm not sure how realistically I can stick to one oneshot a month between the other things I want to devote my time to because I'm still a pretty slow writer; the RP takes up a large amount of time, and I want to work on Shogi, and I also want to really put some serious time into my art. This is the second time that I'm nearing the two month mark without releasing something; although, even if I decide to drop the challenge, I'll still be completing the story ideas I had for the various prompts. I would just be free to release things at my own pace instead of worrying about deadlines; at the same time, having a deadline keeps me motivated to work on things. It's something I'll be thinking about over the next few days.

I've been drawing a bit recently and posted on DA, but I've neglected to post about it here, so I've put together a minor art dump. Of course, since I'm a Sasoritard, two out of three are Sasori-related.

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HELL YEAH, my favorite Reno/Tifa fic, Water Under the Bridge by iknowthewords, got updated! In its honor I had to make a Turks icon, and found this cool pic on pixiv by Katokichi.

This fic has been a WIP since 2003, I hope it won't take me that long to finish up the ones I'm working on. O_O

Speaking of WIPs, I realize that I have way too many, and have been buckling down to get some things finally finished instead of switching between projects as much (this is why I haven't been around much on the FC/reading fic/posting.)

Stories that will be out in the near future:

- Attitude Problem chapter 2: what I've been concentrating on the most, and what I'm determined to get out before the end of the week.

- Regression, the first of the SasoSaku [ profile] 30_lemons  Akatsuki!Sakura AU fics

- A SasoSaku ficlet written for [ profile] moderndayportia 's 'the gaps between writing' exercise; this was originally going to be just a gory little drabble, but it has grown and grown and grown into this freaky near-guro ficlet. Currently around the 1800 word mark but I'm not sure how long it will get, or how much freakier. :o

- The Fine Art of Observation, my languishing, mostly complete JiraiyaxSakura/SaixSasuke/SaixSakura(?) PWP

My art projects have been neglected a bit in favor of my fics, but here's the general release plan:

- Original artwork, angel

- Original artwork, sort-of rainy day theme 1

- Original artwork, sort-of rainy day theme 2

- Akatsuki in Wonderland series #1: White Rabbit

I'm also considering making a new LJ layout, and have been looking to [ profile] thefulcrum  for inspiration as well as trawling through my ancient web page design ideas that I never ended up using for anything. I've no clue when it will be ready though.

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Well, I've finished up on my KakaSaku contest pic and submitted it (I'll have a separate post for it later) so now I have time to work on a few pic ideas that I've had on the back burner for the past few weeks; I've also started planning a new multi-pic series.

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