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Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted anything! I've kind of gotten seriously sucked into [ profile] kannagara_rpg; I've been having loads of fun playing Sasori over there. A bunch of you are already playing, but if you're not, we're always on the lookout for new players! We'd especially love to see some more non-Naruto characters.

My fic has been languishing a little, but I'm still determined to get out another [ profile] 30_lemons oneshot and chapter 2 of Shogi in the near future. I've also gotten a few fic ideas percolating away that I'll probably start on once I finish Shogi.

I've been thinking about 30_lemons recently, and while I really want to complete stories for a lot of these prompts, I'm not sure how realistically I can stick to one oneshot a month between the other things I want to devote my time to because I'm still a pretty slow writer; the RP takes up a large amount of time, and I want to work on Shogi, and I also want to really put some serious time into my art. This is the second time that I'm nearing the two month mark without releasing something; although, even if I decide to drop the challenge, I'll still be completing the story ideas I had for the various prompts. I would just be free to release things at my own pace instead of worrying about deadlines; at the same time, having a deadline keeps me motivated to work on things. It's something I'll be thinking about over the next few days.

I've been drawing a bit recently and posted on DA, but I've neglected to post about it here, so I've put together a minor art dump. Of course, since I'm a Sasoritard, two out of three are Sasori-related.

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HELL YEAH, my favorite Reno/Tifa fic, Water Under the Bridge by iknowthewords, got updated! In its honor I had to make a Turks icon, and found this cool pic on pixiv by Katokichi.

This fic has been a WIP since 2003, I hope it won't take me that long to finish up the ones I'm working on. O_O

Speaking of WIPs, I realize that I have way too many, and have been buckling down to get some things finally finished instead of switching between projects as much (this is why I haven't been around much on the FC/reading fic/posting.)

Stories that will be out in the near future:

- Attitude Problem chapter 2: what I've been concentrating on the most, and what I'm determined to get out before the end of the week.

- Regression, the first of the SasoSaku [ profile] 30_lemons  Akatsuki!Sakura AU fics

- A SasoSaku ficlet written for [ profile] moderndayportia 's 'the gaps between writing' exercise; this was originally going to be just a gory little drabble, but it has grown and grown and grown into this freaky near-guro ficlet. Currently around the 1800 word mark but I'm not sure how long it will get, or how much freakier. :o

- The Fine Art of Observation, my languishing, mostly complete JiraiyaxSakura/SaixSasuke/SaixSakura(?) PWP

My art projects have been neglected a bit in favor of my fics, but here's the general release plan:

- Original artwork, angel

- Original artwork, sort-of rainy day theme 1

- Original artwork, sort-of rainy day theme 2

- Akatsuki in Wonderland series #1: White Rabbit

I'm also considering making a new LJ layout, and have been looking to [ profile] thefulcrum  for inspiration as well as trawling through my ancient web page design ideas that I never ended up using for anything. I've no clue when it will be ready though.

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Stolen from [ profile] redbrunja :

Under the cut is a list of my current writing projects. Ask a question about something. Ask anything about any idea listed here, and I shall attempt to answer it. I reserve the right to not give away Important Plot Points, but otherwise...have at it!

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Art stuff:

I picked up another anatomy book today, The Book of a Hundred Hands by George Bridgman. It's pretty awesome, I recommend it if hands are a problem area in drawing for you like they are for me.

I haven't done a lot of drawing over the past few days, in lieu of writing, but I did work on my original pic a bit. I've also been doing some costume research for my Akatsuki/Sakura Alice in Wonderland series.

Writing Stuff:

I signed up to write Sasori/Sakura for the [ profile] 30_lemons challenge community, and have already started working on my first fic for it. The prompts are awesome, and I've got quite a few story ideas already for it; I'm pretty excited about it. :)

Attitude Problem chapter 2 is mostly done; I've been letting it sit for a few days before I go back and take a look at it again for editing. :)

Jiraiya/Sakura hit a little bit of a snag, there's a section I'm not satisfied with that I'm reworking, so that's going a little more slowly than I expected.

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I stopped by the bookstore today and picked up a couple of things. First, an artist's hand model to help me out with drawing one of the banes of my existence, decent looking hands. I've also been looking for good books on writing, and I ended up buying Self-Editing for Fiction Writers after seeing favorable reviews and recommendations for it on the web.

Speaking of writing, I have lots of projects that I switch between, but I do have a couple that should be out soon. First up is a PWP oneshot featuring Jiraiya/Sakura and Sai/Sasuke engaging in porny activities. I'm also working on chapter 2 of Attitude Problem, my Sasori/Sakura school AU fic; I'll definitely be bumping this one up to an M-rating for future smuttiness. I have one other darker fic that I'm working on (Attitude Problem was actually written as a bit of an antidote to working on this one) but the going has been slower on that than I would like.

[ profile] redbrunja  alerted me to the existance of [ profile] 30_lemons the other day, and the prompts are so tasty that I'm considering jumping in on it and writing Sasori/Sakura for it.

I'm also getting the urge to write some Sai/Sakura, because it's awesome.

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I've just set up a deviantart account for posting my artwork and the occasional screenshot. I've resolved to try and crank out more pictures, since I've let my drawing skills get a bit rusty for way too long.

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After many years in fannish pursuits, I'm finally trying my hand at writing fanfic.

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