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All right, so in the interest of forcing myself to draw more, I've taken up a bit of a 30-day drawing challenge. The challenge is as follows:

1) Draw a new picture every day
2) Use a different original character or fanart for each one
3) Experiment with something! A different technique, perspective, composition, etc.
4) Try to make each picture look completely distinct from all the others

Here's my effort for day 1:

WARNING: Spider drawing behind the cut )
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My entry for the Kakashi/Sakura Classy Fanart Contest over at the Narutofan forums. For the contest, you had to create a reinterpretation of a museum fine art piece featuring Kakashi and Sakura in a Naruto-ified setting.

Thumbnail and more... )
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I decided to enter the KakaSaku classy fanart contest after all. The painting I chose was The Arnolfini Marriage, which is a painting I've always liked since I was a kid; the 1300-1400s has always been one of my favorite time periods in terms of history, art, fashion etc. I'll have to think about the background some more but I already have a good idea of how I want to handle the figures.

Making progress on the Sasori pic as well. It'll still be some time before it's done though, since I've got the contest pic to work on as well. :o

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